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Praise be to the eternal God, that through Christ we can have answers to our prayers. We pray your faith will be stirred and your hearts lifted by seeing the testimonies of what God has done. Please remember He is no respecter of persons (Acts 10:34). What He did for them, He can do for you!

Standing on God's Word:
But thanks be to God! He gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.
1 Corinthians 15:57 (NIV)

Testimonies are posted as soon as we can review and release them.

Sheera 11/19/2010 - Our Missionaries in India have been givien land to build a Church. We are thanking God for this.

Sandy 11/19/2010 - My mom and dad have ask to go to Church with me. I can't believe it. I am thanking God.

Bobby 8/16/2010 - I want to give God praise for healing my mother. She has suffered from a painful rash for years. While receiving prayer the rash disappeared. Thank you God!

Dan 8/16/2010 - I just spoke to her and not long after I placed this request she said she started to feel better. Before now all she ever said was things are getting worse. Praise the Lord!

08/16/2010 - My friend Rhonda at work has been dealing with anxiety attaches. It has really been hard for her at work and home. She is at the end of her rope. Please pray.

Crystal 8/12/2010 - The last Thursday night in July I received an instant healing in my left toes (I could feel them suddenly and had not felt them for years after my sacrum tumor removal surgeries). Since then, chronic pain has been lifted even without a special diet and I have been able to be out of the house/bed and even to shop 2 days in a row and even eat real food! Jesus Still Heals!

Larry 4/22/2010 - I want to thank you for the chance to pray for people in your church. I have been to Nashville before. This has blessed me and I receive healing thru this.

Erin 4/20/2010 - Praise God, He has sent us the perfect husband for shweta

04/20/2010 - Thank you for your prayer for my daughter. My Husband and I are still needed God's help in this matter.

04/20/2010 - please pray that my daughter shweta gets married soon in a loving family. pleas pray that we find the right person who will keep her happy as soon as possible.thankyou. love u Jesus.

Chris 3/16/2010 - Today James call to tell me he asked God to take control of his life.

03/16/2010 - Today James asked me for a Bible. Please keep praying

03/16/2010 - I need prayer for James, he has lost site God.

Robert 3/16/2010 - Praise God for healing my anxiety

Tracy 1/26/2010 - Praise God for he healing my sister

Sherry 11/17/2009 - I just received a phone call about a job I interview I had two weeks ago. They have offered me the position. Praise God. Thanks for your prayers.

11/17/2009 - The company I have worked for is closing and I will be out of a job. Please pray God will help me to find a new one.

David 11/17/2009 - The Lord blessed me with a new job that resulted in me increasing my salary by 15%.

Tracy 11/17/2009 - I would like to thank God for healing my back pain. I was in a car accident 5 years ago now all the pain is gone.

Ryan 10/14/2009 - With so many people looking for work I can Praise God that he has given me a job where 150 people applied for this position but God gave it to me.

John 10/08/2009 - Prays God the Lord sent a person in my son's life that talk to him about Jesus and he accepted the LORD!!!

10/08/2009 - Please pray for the salvation of my 16 year son.