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Standing on God's Word:
Confess your trespasses to one another, and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much. James 5:16 (NKJ)

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Maria 02/22/2018 - Please pray for my bro-in-law who has been out of job for now his businesses has been down his bills & debts ascending..please grant a miracle for that home,please make them obtain a successful contract to do their business well & lead a modest life.Plese make some big deal come thru for them Lord,please grant miraculous success to them in their jobs.Amen

Jane 02/19/2018 - Lord help us build a stronger marriage bond. I prayed for years for help for our business and for good sales rep and Lord you delivered them to us. My husband is hoarding it and keeping it from me until you Lord woke me up and revealed to me the wealth is deposited in the company bank. He needs salvation and deliverance. Lord I surrender with all my heart. Heal me too.

Lynn 02/19/2018 - Healing for Hugh's back, Judy's eyes and Mr. Stringfellow cancer.

BRAD 02/19/2018 - I ask for prayer for my dad and myself to be healed in the name of Jesus. He has poor blood flow and blockages around his heart. He is 80 and has been bed ridden for several months. I have been bed ridden for almost 4 years with neurlogical problems in upper body, head, neck and chest. Drs cant find problem. We need a touch from God almighty. Please pray for us, thanks.

Lisa 02/19/2018 - Prayers for my mom who is battling liver cancer. She was diagnosed 1 year ago and has undergone 2 separate types of immunotherapy with no success in diminishing it, instead there has been growth. She has been dismissed from her dr as he can do nothing but offer her the possibility of a clinical trial of an unregulated drug. She is seeking info on this now.

valinda 02/19/2018 - Family. Grandson needs protection and favor. I don't get to see him. I am a christian but his Dad and stepmom will not let me see him. He is 17. Need prayer.

Linda 02/19/2018 - My job has cut my hours to the point I'm not able to meet my mortgage and bills. I would like a full time job . I'm 70 and it's hard to find work. Also for a cough that started after the flu and hasn't left yet (8 weeks now) and this dry cough doesn't want to go. Please pray for me to recieve a fresh touch of his Holy Spirit. Thank you.

John 02/19/2018 - Please pray for healing from a cold and sore throat. Thank you very much for your time and prayers.

Richard 02/19/2018 - Dear Prayer Team I am in need of healing from congestive heart failure, breathing, vision issues, sleep and a financial miracle.

BEVERLY 02/19/2018 - Deliverance from Generational curse- for God to continue to purge me. Direction on what to do for the Lord. Breakhroughs. Blessings.

RJ 02/12/2018 - The devil has my sons. My youngest is backslid and abusing me. He brings drugs on my property. He has been warned and knows the things of God. I am weary and he won't leave. I have worn everyone out asking for prayer. The enemy is using it against my ministry. Please agree with me for God to turn him back or to remove him from my home. Gods swift discipline and for the hell to be broke off.

Robyn 02/12/2018 - Prayer for healing for lungs, cough and breathing problems. Healing for daughter for her thyroid. A closer relationship between me and my daughter. Salvation for husband and son. Prayer for my visa and a loan to be paid off. A job for husband which is closer to home.

Joy 02/12/2018 - Our Daughter n love’s Salvation. Our son to stand strong and firm on the restoration of their marriage. The bond of both children to grow stronger for their dad and wife begin to turn her heat back to her husband.
Healing for all 4 of them.

Phyllis 02/12/2018 - Please pray for my grandson. He is very depressed and discouraged with some things that have happened to him with family members, mom and dad and the previous church he was attending. He lost his job because he reported some bad things that were going on. He is very broken and hurting so much he doesn't want to live and he doesn't know how to live anymore. Thank you for praying.

Kristin 02/12/2018 - Pray Holy Spirit will intervene and untwist years of abuse, addictions, oppression and negativity among my entire immediate family and both bloodlines and long time family friends. Thank you Jesus 4 answered prayer!

Kam 02/12/2018 - In need of a miracle for my baby boy who is one and not sitting up. Drs have said he may never sit up or walk. I believe in the power of prayer. Lord Jesus in your name I pray for my little man to prove these Drs wrong and start sitting up. I pray for healing in his back, arms and legs.

Teresa 02/12/2018 - Please pray for me. I need healing in my back, legs and feet. Thank you so much for praying for me.

Priscilla 02/12/2018 - My daughter is in the hospital please go pray for her. She may have to have surgery. Also remember me I have lost one daughter and Satan is trying to put fear in my mind.

Bradley 02/12/2018 - I'm a 30 year-old man living in Maine. I have a horrible case of Sacro-illiac Joint Dysfunction. My sacrum is crooked and unstable and causes so much pain. It has been three years since I could walk normally and I've been forced to stop volunteering at the food pantry.

Sitting or standing too long can be excruciating. I just want to recover so I can serve the Lord.

Please pray urgently.

Andrea 02/12/2018 - My sisters boyfriend was admitted to the hospital last night with dangerously high blood sugar levels (he's diabetic). He has the flu and his heart rate is racing very fast and they cannot get the rate to normalize. They are doing a spinal tap in a few minutes to test for meningitis. Please pray the doctors find the problem and our powerful God delivers him from this attack from Satan.

Eileen 02/12/2018 - Please pray for pain and inflammation in my right shoulder and neck.
Thank you.
May the Lord bless you all and meet all your needs.

Deborah 02/12/2018 - Pray Holy Spirit will intervene and send the right people to help unravel abuse issues, unresolved anger-grief, addictions and negativity among most family members & family friends. Thank you. Amen.

Lisa 02/12/2018 - Good Morning, I am a Beliver and I am asking that the Prayer Warriors pray and belive with me for healing of back pain. It is difficult for me to walk and move around. I know that God is a healer. Thanks in advance for your prayers and support.

Jennifer 02/12/2018 - Please be praying for Nancy. Her lungs are swollen and she has been taken to the ER by ambulance. Thanks so much!

John 02/12/2018 - Please pray for my son to be healed from a bad cough. I also need healing from a cold. Thank you very much.

John 02/12/2018 - Good morning, please pray for my blood pressure to go down and stay in a normal range. Also safe travels from South Carolina to Georgia and back. Thank you very much.

Richard 02/12/2018 - Please pray that I and others will recover all that we lost in this stock market crash. I am a tither and giver and I am believing for a total restoration of my finances. Thank you for your prayers of agreement. I have had several answers to prayer when your partners agreed with me. Bless You, Thank You.

Barbara 02/12/2018 - Healing for 11 year old from small blood vessels in the brain which caused aneurysms. She will began chemo this Wednesday or Thursday. We don't want that in Jesus Name. Complete healing with a healthy childhood never to return again, Amen! Financial blessing and promotion for her young mother as well. Thank you Jesus!. Thanks CHP, AMEN!

Rebecca 02/12/2018 - Please pray for me to get a new job. I am constantly being threatened I will be fired and with intimidation. Lots of people here are going through the same thing. I have applied for a new job I really want. I am under major attack in every way as I commit to get closer to God.
God bless you.

Robert 02/07/2018 - Hello. Please pray for me that my recent blood tests and CT scans results show that I do not have cancer and that I do not have anything wrong with me, and that I am perfectly healthy. Thank you and PRAISE GOD and GIVE ALL GLORY TO GOD!

Melissa 02/05/2018 - Please pray for my marriage to heal from adultry affairs and years of alcohol addiction or pray God give me a vision to leave. I am emotionally exhausted and disgusted with my husband . I know God loves him and wants families to stay together but I just feel tired and unsure about this marriage. Please pray for us. Also our daughter was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes in 05. Pray for healing. Thank you.

Outi 02/05/2018 - Prayer for our youngest son and his wife, expecting their first baby. Doctor is giving a bad report about the baby because of inconclusive test results. She is only 4 months along. Prayer for a whole and beautiful little baby and peace for the parents. They are a military family .

Ryon 02/05/2018 - I want a prayer of agreement for a situation.

Sheba 02/05/2018 - My husband is a good godly man. But of late he is just so overwhelmed with life. He feels like he is in the biggest battle of his life. Pray that his heart and mind be healed of all the past so that his heart is positioned right before the lord to receive all that the Lord has for him. Mainly peace of heart and mind. Looking forward for a major breakthrough.

Jeanie 02/05/2018 - Continuing pain from Fibromyalgia and other issues. Depression. I watch regularly on line and support CHP with my tithes and offering.

Adele 02/05/2018 - Healing from reaction to flu shot..flu.

John 02/05/2018 - Please pray for healing for my son as he has the flu. His chest is congested and he has fever that is making him cry from pain. Thank you very much.

Dolly 02/05/2018 - Please pray for me. I have something bothering me.

Christi 02/05/2018 - Please pray for a young man named Caleb! Pray he has an encounter with Jesus that leaves him KNOWING Jesus loves him and is always there for him! Please pray the enemy stops harassing him! This is truly an urgent request!
Thank you so much.

Jide 02/05/2018 - 1. I have been battling a health challenge for over 15 years without any improvement. My memory has deteriorated significantly.
2. I find myself in a job which leaves a lot to be desired in terms of job satisfaction.
3. I want to be a father this year.
6. I have uncontrollable blasphemous thoughts.
7. I am plagued by guilty feelings concerning my negative thoughts towards people and Godly things

Beverly 02/05/2018 - Direction/guidance for 2018. I need wholeness in my body and debt cancellation. Bless you all.

Barbara 02/05/2018 - Emergency Prayer Needed! Please pray for Doug. He's been deathly sick and is on the brink of death. The doctors say he only has hours left. Please pray for God to work a miracle and for his life to be saved. Thank you and God bless you.

Michael 01/29/2018 - Please pray for COMPLETE deliverance and freedom from bondage of alcoholism & occasional pills. BROKEN. All need to be removed. Need the ability to feel mental health issues so I can begin to renew my calling in God, Prophetically.

Rupa 01/29/2018 - I'm a young woman from India stuck in an unequally yoked miserable marriage to a verbally, emotionally abusive and angry man who was born in a christian family but is unsaved. My husband and in-laws are extremely greedy, abusive, disrespectful and literally worship mammon and not God. I feel hopelessly trapped but I love my husband and want to see him saved. Also I'm worried about my 1 year old daughter. Please pray for my husband and in-laws salvation and deliverance from greed, worldliness and deception. My
mother-in-law is a very wicked woman who controls and manipulates my husband and constantly poisons his mind against me and my family. She's Jezebel afflicted and it's running in their family. Kindly pray for her deliverance.

Bernadette 01/29/2018 - I need a specific word from the Lord for finances, to move and job and businesses. I need to get out of here. Please pray I have been at this mountian too long. I need a word for future and hope. For no more theft of my life for divine appointments, dreams and vision. Filling of Holy Spirit for me, Bri, Bill and Gigi. New fresh anointing and deliverance from all plans of the enemy and for restoration. In Jesus name.

Monica 01/29/2018 - Been out of work 2 yrs, lost home, no income and no family to help. Saved & spirit filled but overwhelmed & been in hospital w/pneumonia. Desperately need financial miracle. Fightng depression & humiliation. Love the Lord but exhausted and desperate to get back all that is lost & stolen. Need miracle NOW just to keep phone on and car running. Believing the wealth of the wicked to my hands & debts cancelled.

Cynthia 01/29/2018 - Please pray for breakthrough in finding true, kindred spirit, friendships and my true place in the body of Christ locally. For several years, I have experienced unusual and extreme rejections. I love CHP but am newly living in California. Need new pattern because very weary and wounded from often harsh treatment. Living with uncle 92, so can't just move. God bless you and thanks.

Abigail 01/29/2018 - Emergency Prayer Needed! Please for Barbara. She has been deathly sick and in terrible, terrible pain. Please pray for God to work a miracle in her life and for her to be totally and completely healed. That she will be made whole and be better than she ever was before. Thank you and God bless you.

Bill 01/29/2018 - Need WALL broken off & from around heart to feel, grieve all losses in family, relationships & job losses. Direction to fulfill calling on my life. Thank you.

Denisa 01/29/2018 - COMPLETE redo of physical health & addiction to diet drinks & junk food. Healing of heart, gallbladder issues, & desire a companion and relationship in life.